Home To Home Adoption Option

Richland Animal Rescue has helped countless owners facing hard times and their pets - still in homes - connect to new families looking to adopt.

This service is offered as an immediate and more responsible connection and the pets are not animals "within" out rescue - we do not "own" the animal(s).  Our volunteers help both parties with the application and interview process to help ensure a possible good fit for the pet.  Some pets listed as Home to Home adoptions are on the waiting list to get into our rescue, if our rescue doesn't have an immediate foster home or kennel space available.

Home to Home adopters work and keep adoptable pets from being needlessly surrendered to shelters and therefore saves lives - of the immediate pet and one in the shelter that will have a kennel space, to hopefully find a home in time there.

OWNERS are expected to be and are responsible for being completely honest with the condition and temperament of the pet they are offering for adoption from their home, to provide current and complete medical records, and to allow the animal to be returned to them if the adoption is not a good fit.

ADOPTERS are to be sure to obtain medical records from the home surrendering the pet for adoption and/or the veterinary clinic directly (prior to adoption), responsibly interview the owner about the pet being offered, meet the current owner and animal to feel comfortable with the pet they are adopting directly from the home.

Richland Animal Rescue helps both parties find each other...connecting potential homes to pets that are likely a good match based upon what is known from both parties. 

All pets within this service must be spayed or neutered, with proof provided to RARES upon request. 

Home to Home adoptions are independent of RARES adoptable pets (some pets may have some medical needs, may not be micro-chipped, etc), it is recommended that parties using this service use our Home to Home adoption agreement found on our forms page.

See more information about surrendering a pet at Animal Intake & Surrender.