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Surrender Form

If you would like to request that the pet in your care be considered for rescue or request help in placement through the Home to Home adoption program, please fill out the request form below:

Animal Intake & Surrender

Not that long ago, you never dreamed you'd have to give your pet up someday.  Even if you can't keep your pet any longer, your pet still depends upon you to do what is best for him or her.  Now, more than ever, your pet needs you to make the right choices for its future.

Finding a new home for your pet involves several steps. Before you start, please take a few important minutes to read all of the information on this link.

Your pet is your responsibility.  Your pet has no one else but you to look out for his or her best interest.  It will take patience and persistence to find your pet the right home and your pet deserves your best efforts.


  • If we have an opening or feel the pet will place relatively quickly, we will consider taking the animal immediately. And/or we will place the pet on a waiting list to be accepted into rescue when there is an opening.
  • If we do not have an immediate opening, we will help you to place your pet through our Home to Home adoption program, but only if you are able to foster the pet until it is adopted or there is an opening in rescue (you will need to check in with us each month to keep your pet listed).


  • All pets will be brought up to date medically and spayed/neutered or gelded prior to adoption (either by you or through the rescue), unless it is medically unsafe to do so.
  • Animal is adoptable and has shown NO SIGNS OF AGGRESSION, separation anxiety, inappropriate marking, cribbing, is in relatively good physical condition and not severely diseased or injured.


Send Us Good Photos of Your Pet!

In order for Petfinder to be effective, we must have good photos of the pet.  We cannot stress this enough...a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to web exposure.

The photo is the first thing people notice when they visit a pet's listing.  If the pet has a poor picture, visitors may not take the time to read a pet's description and move onto another listing.  If you want to give your pet the best chance possible, please send us good photos.  A good picture can make the difference between a pet who receives a lot of inquiries and one who doesn't.

What is a good photo?  A happy face shot, a "having fun" or "show stance" fully body shot with an appealing background, playing or running with a favorite toy, etc.

What is a bad photo?  Pet not looking at or looking away from the camera, red eye, looking fearful or cowering, blurry, cluttered background, etc.

For samples of good photos, visit our adopted happy tails page.

Please email photos to