Pet Food Bank Request Form

Pet Food Bank

Do you need pet food assistance?

Not that long ago, you never dreamed you'd have to ask for help feeding your companion animal(s).  The shelters are full and keeping your pet safe in your home is the goal.  Tough economic times have left no one immune or untouched and the Pet Food Bank is available to those who need help and live within a 20 mile radius of the Richland, MI area.


Your pets are companion animals and are not used for breeding. Proof of sterilization required.

You are physically able to provide a healthy environment for animals in your care.  Canines cannot be tethered or chained outdoors for longer than nine hours per day, with appropriate shelter provided for all pets kept outdoors.

We usually have food for several species, including rodents.  If you need assistance in feeding your horses, please contact us through the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition Hay Bank.  Also, flea and tick treatment for canines is sometimes available to RARES food bank recipients. 

Please contact us by filling out the on-line form if you need assistance. 

HOW YOU CAN HELP THIS PROGRAM:  Donations are needed to keep this program stocked and available to those who need it.  Area businesses can organize both public or employee pet food drives to make a difference -- keeping pets in their homes during hard times and saving lives!


Note: Richland Animal Rescue is not responsible for the health of your pet.  Guardians or owners are responsible to inspect each bag of pet food and deem it suitable for consumption by your individual pet(s).